Madagascar 1942
Minden Games

(solitaire, operational WWII)
    Madagascar 1942 Zip Edition is an operational-level, solitaire World War II game, simulating the British invasion of northern Madagascar in early May, 1942.  Though a secondary theater, the Indian Ocean was a key component in Great Britain's strategic position in the east.  The threat of Japanese expansion in the region was of concern, especially after the threat against Ceylon.  If they pushed westward enough, Japanese submaries could make use of the deep harbor at Diego Suarez in Madagascar.  Such a base would have profound effect on allied supply routes in the region.  The island itself ws held by Vichy French forces, but what if the Japanese availed themself of the island?  The British decided to launch a strike against the island to preclude this development.  Two British brigades were given the task to capture Diego Suarez and neutralize any local defenders.  In early May, 1942, everything was set to go.

    Madagascar 1942 is a solitaire game depicting the historical invasion.  Playing the British, you job is to match or surpass the accomplishments of the original campaign.  The game system handles the defending forces. The games comes with a twelve-page illustrated rule booklet, an 8.5" x 11" map of the area around Diego Suarez, and a set of 30 color thick card counters.  Each hexagon on the map represents about three miles across; each game turn represents 12 hours; and each unit counter represents a battalion or equivalent.  The "fog of war" is represented by having defending units set up randomly, face down, in various positions on the map.  While you know the general goals of the campaign, the specific victory conditions are not revealed until after play is finished.  The British invasion was a success, and the harbor was captured in just three short days.  Can you do as well?

    British units in the game represent the 29th Brigade (Festing), consisting of 2nd E. Lancashire, 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, and No. 5 Commando, as well as the 17th Brigade (Tarleton), consisting on 2nd Northamptons, 6th Seaforths, and Royal Marines.  Royal Navy combat ships are also represented in the game.  Vichy forces consist of various French Regulars units, colonial/Senegalese units, outposts, and "Blanks".  Units are rated for combat strength, morale, and movement.  Besides the standard rules, optional rules are included covering an extended campaign game, Royal Navy bombardment, variable French patrols, and several other options.

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